Pairing Different Wines For Different Cheeses

Cheese and wine have always been classic pairings but there is of course more to pairing the two than simply grabbing a few singles of American cheese and just any bottle of wine. The following is a more detailed guide to pairing wine with different cheeses and which wines pair best with specific types of cheese.

Snacks and dishes made with blue cheese often pair well with more desert-like wines such as those offering sweet and fruity notes. Sauternes wines tend to pair the best with blue cheese dishes, especially the 2003 Chateau Lamourette. This white wine pairs well because of its melon notes and caramel body.

When picking a wine to pair with blue cheese you should look for description words such as fruit (apple, melon, peach, etc…), honey and/or caramel. For stronger tasting blue cheese such as Stilton cheese, a Port is often recommended.

For fuller flavored cheeses, especially Parmesan and mozzarella in Italian dishes, Amarone wines pair very well. Grown in a particular region of Italy, Amarones contain woody and cedar notes accompanied with various spice notes. The 2002 Tenuta Sant’Antonio Amarone has received strong reviews when paired with Italian cheese dishes, especially those that are baked and are served with breaded meats.

Softer cheeses like brie and chevre pair well with a medium-bodied Chardonny. However, if your particular brie cheese is more on the rich side you may find a red wine such as a Pinot Noir more to your liking.

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