Treat Your Wine Glasses As You Would Want To Be Treated

There has been a lot of study on the proper way to treat wine glasses but the best advice is to use care and courtesy for the fragile glasses that hold that precious drink.

Some believe that only a certain type of detergent should be used on wine glasses but the best advice is to hand wash each glass with soap in-between each use. Avoid chemical-based soap and the dishwasher as this can cause a build up on the glass that will affect the taste. Even the simplest of residue left from a dishwasher detergent can alter the notes of the wine.

Hand wash your glasses after each use. If you wash within a few hours of use you can easily clean the glass without heavy duty chemicals. If you must use a dishwasher and detergent then you should rinse the glass afterwards and once again just before use.

Also, avoid soaps that have any trace of lemon scent. This scent will remain on the glass and alter the aroma of the wine when served.

Allow each glass to fully drip dry before storing in the cabinet. If the glass is still wet when put away it will build up a water ring at the base of the cabinet which will develop an odor that can attach itself to the other glasses.

Once the glass is fully dry, store it upright in a closed cabinet that does not include any other dishes or glasses. The aromas from other dishes can attach to the wine glasses. This may sound picky, but wine is one of the most finicky drinks and the caution and care you take in cleaning your wine glasses will make all the difference.

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