Tips When Cooking With Wine

Cooking with wine is a common technique, but unfortunately many people neglect simple rules when using wine in the kitchen and end up ruining potentially great meals.

The first thing to remember when cooking with wine is that stainless steel or enameled cast iron pans should only be used. These types of pans will work well with the acidity in wine and prevent a discoloration in the wine. It is also important to remember that wine is flammable and you will need to be very careful when adding any wine to a stove-top skillet or pan. If any of the wine spills on the side, remove it from the flame and wipe clean.

Many recipes will simply call of any red wine but the type of wine you choose is very important to the outcome of the meal. Low acidic wines do not pair well with high acidic foods like tomatoes. For example, a Merlot (which has a low acidity) can not release its flavors as well against the high acidity of a tomato sauce. Thus, high acidic wines should be used when cooking high acidic foods.

You should also pay attention to aromas when using wine to cook. You do not want two competing smells in a dish that cancel each other out. If your dish has an aroma of citrus it is wise to use a wine with a bright and citrus flavor. Choose a wine that uses food description similar to what you are cooking so that they compliment each other.

Finally, its not always necessary to drink the same wine you use to cook with but it can make for a more holistic meal.

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