The Foundation For Any Good Wine Glass

There are many theories on what the perfect wine glass looks like and many offer some helpful suggestions. But no matter what type of glass you choose there are some basic characteristics that all wine glasses should have.

The first characteristic you will want to have in a wine glass is one that is clear. Using a clear wine glass will allow you to fully view the color of the wine. Enjoyment can be found in being able to view the color, but one can also become more knowledgeable about wine in the process with a better visibility of its unique color shades. A clear wine glass can offer clues about the wine and will help you become more knowledgeable about what different wines look like and the slight color differences they have.

It has become trendy to use small wine glasses but its important to choose one that has a large bowl as its base. This will allow you to pour a decent amount of wine and still be able to swirl it around without having to worry about spills. Swirling the wine before drinking releases aromas which add to the experience and taste. If a small glass is used it will risk spilling and can make the pre-drink swirl near impossible.

In addition to a large bowl, a concave rim is important. You will want the rim of the glass to be narrower than the base which will concentrate the aroma of the wine when you hold it to your nose. Much of our ability to taste comes from our nose and the more we can concentrate the smell of the wine, the better we will be able to taste it.

A glass with a stem is also very important. A stem will provide you a place to hold the glass without cover the bowl of the wine glass and warming the wine, which can neutralize the chilling effect. If your wine glass does not have a stem then you may try holding the glass at the base. The warmth from your hand may not do huge damage to the temperature of the wine, but at the very least you should avoid imprinting unsightly finger smudges on the glass.

There are plenty of other suggestions and tips when choosing a wine glass. Some are helpful while others are useless. However, a clear glass with a stem, large bowl and concave rim should serve as the foundation for any wine glass you choose. Beyond that you can experiment with different types of glasses and be creative when it comes to look. No person is the same and in the same way your wine glass should say something about your personality and the environment you wish to create. But don’t let your creativity compromise the taste of the wine.

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