Give Your Wine Life a Kick

Are you a wine lover stuck in a rut? Maybe your favorite wines have become old hat and you are looking for a little spice in your love-wine life. If that’s the predicament you face then Spain’s Albarino might be the perfect fix.

Albarino wines are fresh and lively. Crisp flavors will populate your mouth and notes of citrus fruits and a tangy aftertaste makes this a wine that will put a kick to your pallet. Grown in the border region of Spain and Portugal, Albarino is often rich with peach and citrus fruits with a floral aroma. Despite its high acidity and complexity this wine still has an easy-to-drink quality.

If you are looking for a change in your wine routine here are three suggestions of Albarino.

The 2007 Pazo de Senorans Albarinois a complex wine with a dominant golden apple taste. This wine is ideal for those looking for a strong acidity and a sparkling mouth-feel. This light-bodied white wine is rich with citrus fruits and floral aromas.
The 2006 Pazo de Senorans Albarino gives the edges of the mouth a mineral taste while pear and lemon dance on the center of the tongue. This is a very fresh and crisp wine that is perfect when served with a heavy roast or other red meat. Although it can also go well on its own during a late night sit on the back pourch.
The 2007 Albarino Pazo de Barrantes Rias Baixas is a more delicate Albarino that is well balanced and offers short bursts of tropical fruit. A more rich white wine, this Albarino is for those looking for a kick, but one a bit more milder than some others.

Grown in Galicia, where fishing is a way of life, this grape pairs especially well with seafood dishes.

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