A Wine Tour Trip That Stays In Your Living Room

Itching to go on a wine tasting tour but low on the funds or time to make it to any of the country’s premier wine growing regions? That’s where TastingRoom.com comes into play.

“We think we’re onto something pretty exciting,” is the first sentence on the About page of this Web site and its hard to disagree with this service that brings the fun of a wine tasting tour to your home.

Visitors to the site are prompted to choose a wine they want to try. Browsing can be done by bottle or winery and there are several helpful descriptions offered to help you make the right choice. Once a wine is selected you simply order that specific sampler and that wine, along with five others from the same winery will be sent to your home.

Most wine samples range in price from $20 to $40 and along with the wine you will receive more information on the wine samples along with a chance to purchase a full bottle should you like what you taste.

The concept behind TastingRoom.com is to enrich a wine lovers pallet and experience with different offerings. Whether you sample the wines on your own or make it a party by inviting some friends, the goal is to capture the fun of going on a wine tour at a fraction of the price.

Of course you don’t have to order wine from a Web site to experiment. Picking up several bottles from your favorite wine store and filling your dinning room with glasses, notes and your closest friends can be one of the best ways for a wine lover to spend his or her time.

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