Spain’s Albarino Is A Delight When Paired With Seafood

Spain is known for its red wines but this summer you might want to become acquainted with one of the country’s best white wines: Albarino.

Albarino is also grown in parts of Portugal and California but the Rias Baixas region of Spain is perhaps the best producer of this aromatic wine that provides notes of peaches, apples and lemons. High in acidity, the Albarino has been a favorite in Spain for many years and the country long ago discovered its beautiful pairing with seafood.

If you plan on cooking up a seafood dish, throwing some fish on the grill or travel to the coast this summer, the following are some great Albarino wines that pair particularly well with any seafood dishes you might come across. All three wines are priced under $20, making them a great value.

The 2009 Burgans Rias Baixas Albarinois is packed with plenty of spice and floral notes. Flavors of orange peel and pineapples make this a particularly great wine when pairing with fish over the grill.

The 2008 Luna Miel Rias Baixas Albarino provides scents of bananas, watermelon and apple. This tart wine is very dry but has a complex texture making it another great fit for grilled seafood or baked fish. This Luna Miel has also been paired well with fried fish dishes such as fish and chips. The wine has become a staple in England at many of its upscale seafood houses.

The 2007 Serra da Estrela Rias Baixas Albarino is another great value white wine that is more sugary sweet on the palate. Notes of honey give it a more desert-like taste and cheddar cheese and artichokes also give this wine a unique side.

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