Price Is Right For Trying Chenin Blanc

The recession has cut prices on goods and services in nearly every industry, including wine, but the drop in wine prices has finally caught up to the Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc offerings have recently become one of the most inexpensive, high-quality wines that offer a great value when out for a night on the town or looking for a bottle to compliment that special home-cooked meal.  This white wine has always been popular with wine professionals but is beginning to catch on with budget-minded wine lovers.

The Orgenian newspaper recently highlighted some of the best inexpensive Chenin Blancs available, ranging in price from $10 to $13.  The best value seems to be with the 2007 Pacific Rim Columbia Valley Chenin Blanc which is described as having an, “acidity and white pepper,” taste that adds a kick to the finish.  For $10, this Washington wine is often paired with Asian cuisine.

For just a few dollars more, the Fat Barrel South Africa Chenin Blanc has a clean lemony finish with notes of white peaches.  This wine pairs well with seafood dishes but has also received good reviews when pairing with picnic meals such as salads.

The 2008 Sauvion Val de Loire Vouvray is another $10 bottle that includes many of the traditional flavors of the Chenin Blanc with notes of honey, cinnamon and a bright acidity.  Many reviewers have found this to be a good brunch wine and The Orgenian described it as, “a style of wine that should always be on hand for everyday sipping.”

Traditionally grown in the Loire Valley of France, the Chenin Blanc grape has also developed strong roots in the Central Valley of California and other areas of the West Coast.  This white grape is a balanced wine that pairs well with lighter meals and meats such as seafood and chicken.  With prices dipping below traditional averages, now is the right time for wine hobbyists to venture into the land of Chenin Blanc for a great tasting wine at a great value.

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  1. Roberto Vino says:

    This is a big shout out for Elizabeth Spencer’s 2008 Chenin Blanc. It just screams “summer on the patio”! It has beautiful floral notes that are apparent as soon as the bottle is opened, and it’s clean enough to pair with a variety of foods. Thanks for taking the time to mention this much overlooked wine.