Portugal Is A Traditional Region Known For Complexity

Portugal has long been known for its dry reds but this ancient growing region also offers strong white wines making it one of the most wholistic wine producing countries and sometimes the most unknown.

Portugal is home to two different wine regions.  The northern regions of Bairrada and Douro tend to focus on top-end wines.  In the south, the Estremadura and Alentejo regions are also high in quality but produce more full flavored wines at more affordable prices.

The 2009 Luis Pato Maria Gomes Vinho ($10) hails from the Bairrada region of Portugal and is one of the best value wines to come from this country.  This wine offers a high acidity but also floral and pear-like tastes to give this wine a great complexity.

The 2008 Niepoort Redoma Douri Branco ($25) is a bit more expensive but worth the price.  A combination of varieties come together to delight the pallet with spices of marjoram and yuzu, but fruit and citrus are also present to give a nice acidity behind the spices.

The 2001 Quinta dos Roques Encruzado Dão offers a complex nutty taste followed by a limey finish.  This white wine will also offer a herb-like aroma.

The 2001 Niepoort Redoma Branco Douro is another white wine that has a nutty taste, but bright lemon and a hint of vanilla give it an added intensity.  Some have described this wine as having an oak-like finish with a slightly toasted edge.

These reds and whites are great examples of the complexity that Portugal offers.  Many of this country’s wines go great with meals because they offer something for everyone and are great to serve at a tasting party because they can give even the newest wine drinker a distinct taste to grab onto.

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