Too Much Wine…

As an avid collector and consumer of wines, I can definitely understand the concept of wine hording. I have a collection of “will some day drink” wines, and keep a regular stash of daily drinkers along side them in the cellar. Whenever I’m out buying a few cases for my daily consumption stash, I try to pick up at least one or two good bottles of wine to add to my collection. While this may seem a bit on the side of borderline alcoholism, one Japanese diplomat makes my vino addiction look like tea-toddling.

According to a recent article on Japan Today, an audit into properties owned by the Foreign Ministry found that an official residence of an ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in a Parisian suburb contained a collection of nearly 8,000 bottles of wine.

The audit, in addition to finding the 7,896 bottle collection, also revealed that in the last [luxurious] year at the residence, only 268 bottles were served to guests in the prior year. That’s two more than I serve at my house a year.

Much of that wine will go to waste if they don’t drink it or call in an auctioneer, much like the consulate general in New York that had to discard 198 bottles due to deterioration of quality. Now I’m no government lingo expert, but I don’t think their use of the word “discard” meant to drink rapidly and hide the evidence. The cost of the discarded wine? 2 million yen, which is roughly $24,728 US dollars, or the equivalent of the purchase price (including tags, title and license) on two brand-new Hyundai Accent Blue, a product of the Japanese’ slightly more frugal South Korean neighbor.

In either case, it looks like the US isn’t alone in it’s wasteful corporate and governmental spending. At least the Japanese officials have good taste!

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