Mobile Matcher… My new best friend?

Mobile Matcher
Natalie MacLean’s Mobile Matcher

I am not usually susceptible to marketing gimmicks. In fact, the more “new and exciting” wine paraphernalia I am exposed to the more numb I grow to them. I pour through dozens of catalogs and magazines each month (pun intended) and probably drink close to 20 bottles of wine in a month. It’s all a part of the job.

The Wine Fugitive is synonymous with a lack of bull in an industry quite full of it, and to this day the only wine paraphernalia I own is a compact wine cellar, an old-fashioned corkscrew and a cooler for outings. Today, though, there’s been a new addition to the family.

You can’t write about wine in any serious fashion without acknowledging someone whom, in my opinion, might be the greatest wine writer of our time… Natalie MacLean. Aside from the common ground we share as border-line excessive drinkers and a disdain for the pretentious and elitist snobs who have ruled the wine world for oh so long, that’s where the commonalities stop.

Natalie is, and might always be, THE wine expert for the layman like you and I. She reviews more than a hundred wines  per month and, unlike some unnamed big-shot magazines, lets her tastebuds guide her reviews and not the advertising dollars wineries spend with her. In short, she writes precise, easy-to-understand wine reviews that you can trust and believe in.

That being said, let’s talk for a minute about her wine pairing application for mobile phones, Mobile Matcher.

Mobile Matcher, a downloadable application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Droid, Nexus, Nokia, Palm Pre and other smartphones, combines her many years of experience and modern technology, bringing you over 380,000 wine and food pairings all in the palm of your hands. Aside from the incredibly fast and easy-to-use interface, this application carries a tremendous amount of residual appeal. I mean, seriously, what could possibly be more discreet than whipping your phone out for what appears to be nothing more than a quick text message when in fact you are looking for the absolute perfect pairing when grocery shopping, ordering at a restaurant or arguing with the clerk at the liquor store?

Mobile Matcher allows you to search a directory of over 10,000 wines by winery, price, score, and region, and also gives you access to wine terminology, delicious recipes and the ability to track your own wines in a virtual wine cellar. This app has lots more great features but for the sake of brevity, we’ll end with this:

The staggering price for all this wonderful information at your fingertips? Between $0 and $2.99. There is a standalone version of the app that does not require internet access available for $2.99 on iTunes, and a free version that does require internet access but includes different features. For three bucks, I would recommend downloading them both and using them together.

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