Increase Your Wine Knowledge and Your Fun

Throwing a themed wine party
The world or wine can appear to be intimidating but in reality its one that is based on individual tastes which makes it the perfect hobby for even the most novice of wine drinkers. There is no need to get a Ph.D. in wine-ology, but you can have fun increasing your knowledge and improving your palate.

With the weather warming up and the sun inviting all of us to enjoy some time outdoors, a summer wine party can be a great way to gain better insight into the world of wine while spending time with friends around bottles of good wine.

Wine parties can be especially helpful for those wine enthusiasts on a budget. Set a theme for your party and invite guests to bring a bottle of wine with them, but set a price cap such as $20. You are bound to drink from some not so spectacular wines, but there is bound to be at least a few diamonds in the rough. The beauty is that you can discover what inexpensive and great tasting wines are offered in your area.

You can even establish a few contests for your guests to participate in. Pick a winner who brought the best tasting wine, but also have winners of such categories like bets looking bottle. The prizes? Hit up a local thrift store or big box store for some inexpensive stemware and wine glasses.

The beauty of wine is that it truly is an approachable hobby that can not only be enjoyed by people of all tastes and styles, but makes for a great excuse to have a killer summer party.

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