Wedding Wine Closeouts

I have a very caring and compassionate wife. Thanks to that, she attends every single wedding she’s invited to, even if she doesn’t want to.

For that reason, we spend a significant amount of time each year attending weddings for family, friends, and other people whom I don’t know but am instructed to attend nonetheless.

Now, weddings can be exciting, dull, full of drama or sweet as pie. Anyone who’s been to more than one will tell you that there’s never really any way to say which direction things might head at a ceremony, and even fewer ways to tell what might happen at the reception afterwards.

One thing I have learned to count on, though, is an abundance of wine.

Not only is that a good thing because there’s usually plenty to drink (no one wants their wedding’s reception bar to go dry), but that also means that there is plenty of wine left over that not everyone is wed to the idea of holding on to. [Read more...]

Decanting Tips And Tricks

Decanting a bottle of wine insures that the sediment that builds up inside a wine bottle is not served in a glass. Decanting is a process that transports clean wine into a separate container while containing the sediment buildup inside the original bottle.

Many red wines, and some white wines, will begin to buildup a sediment after 10 years of aging. This visually displeasing material also produces a bad taste. While older wines typically require decanting there are younger bottles that can benefit from the process because it aerates the wine, softening the first notes and stirring up the complex aromas. [Read more...]

Corkage Do’s And Don’ts

Bringing your own food or drink to a restaurant sounds like a bad idea, and often is, but many restaurants do allow patrons to bring their own bottle of wine.

Some dinner parties desire to bring their own bottle of wine because of its meaning or because its not offered at their favorite restaurant. When its allowed, many restaurants will charge a fee that accounts for the use of glassware and the work of the server. This practice is called corkage. [Read more...]

New To Wine? Start With Dessert

Are you new to wine and not sure where to start? Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is what do you like when it comes to taste. Still unsure? Then in that case going with a traditional dessert wine may be the best place to start.

Moscato wine is one of the most popular dessert wines available and can serve as a great starting ground for wine newbies that aren’t sure what tastes they will like. Besides, who doesn’t like dessert? Here are some great valued Moscato wines. [Read more...]

Give Your Wine Life a Kick

Are you a wine lover stuck in a rut? Maybe your favorite wines have become old hat and you are looking for a little spice in your love-wine life. If that’s the predicament you face then Spain’s Albarino might be the perfect fix.

Albarino wines are fresh and lively. Crisp flavors will populate your mouth and notes of citrus fruits and a tangy aftertaste makes this a wine that will put a kick to your pallet. Grown in the border region of Spain and Portugal, Albarino is often rich with peach and citrus fruits with a floral aroma. Despite its high acidity and complexity this wine still has an easy-to-drink quality. [Read more...]

A Wine Tour Trip That Stays In Your Living Room

Itching to go on a wine tasting tour but low on the funds or time to make it to any of the country’s premier wine growing regions? That’s where comes into play.

“We think we’re onto something pretty exciting,” is the first sentence on the About page of this Web site and its hard to disagree with this service that brings the fun of a wine tasting tour to your home. [Read more...]

Treat Your Wine Glasses As You Would Want To Be Treated

There has been a lot of study on the proper way to treat wine glasses but the best advice is to use care and courtesy for the fragile glasses that hold that precious drink.

Some believe that only a certain type of detergent should be used on wine glasses but the best advice is to hand wash each glass with soap in-between each use. Avoid chemical-based soap and the dishwasher as this can cause a build up on the glass that will affect the taste. Even the simplest of residue left from a dishwasher detergent can alter the notes of the wine. [Read more...]

The Foundation For Any Good Wine Glass

There are many theories on what the perfect wine glass looks like and many offer some helpful suggestions. But no matter what type of glass you choose there are some basic characteristics that all wine glasses should have.

The first characteristic you will want to have in a wine glass is one that is clear. Using a clear wine glass will allow you to fully view the color of the wine. Enjoyment can be found in being able to view the color, but one can also become more knowledgeable about wine in the process with a better visibility of its unique color shades. A clear wine glass can offer clues about the wine and will help you become more knowledgeable about what different wines look like and the slight color differences they have. [Read more...]

Tips When Cooking With Wine

Cooking with wine is a common technique, but unfortunately many people neglect simple rules when using wine in the kitchen and end up ruining potentially great meals.

The first thing to remember when cooking with wine is that stainless steel or enameled cast iron pans should only be used. These types of pans will work well with the acidity in wine and prevent a discoloration in the wine. It is also important to remember that wine is flammable and you will need to be very careful when adding any wine to a stove-top skillet or pan. If any of the wine spills on the side, remove it from the flame and wipe clean. [Read more...]

Knowing How To Read Wine Label Gives You A Leg Up

The sometimes confusing world of wine can become a lot more clear when you have a basic understanding on how to read a wine bottle label. By doing a little research before hand and knowing which terms to look for, you can walk into most restaurants and order wine like you’ve been doing this all your life.

Wine producers are required by law to submit their wine labels to make sure they meet that countries particular wine label standards. In America, wine label laws require all the information you will need to make an educated decision about which wine to purchase and which wine will meet your particular tastes. [Read more...]